Does An AirTag Track Exercise? (Solved)

Apple exercise rings with a title that reads does an AirTag track exercise

AirTags make it easy to track and find your misplaced stuff like keys, wallets, purses, backpacks, luggage, and more.

If you’re new to AirTags, one question often asked is, does an AirTag track exercise? If you’re wondering the same, read on because this article is for you!

AirTags do not track exercise. Despite having an accelerometer built in, AirTags don’t track whether you walk, run, or even jump.

In this article, I explore topics such as can an AirTag track your exercise, is an AirTag a fitness tracker, and much more.

AirTags don’t track your workouts.

Can An AirTag Track Your Exercise?

An AirTag can’t track your exercise. For those hoping an AirTag can be used to track and record workouts, you’ll be disappointed to learn that it can’t.

Apple Watch showing movement rings
Apple’s move, exercise and stand activity rings.

Since an AirTag contains an accelerometer sensor within its specs, you’d be forgiven for thinking an AirTag could track exercise. However, an AirTag’s sole purpose is to make it easy for you to track and find your misplaced stuff.

Unlike an Apple Watch, an AirTag doesn’t have sensors to track heart rate and movement. So carrying an AirTag attached to your keys, for example, will not affect closing your Apple movement rings.

Is An AirTag A Fitness Tracker?

The Apple AirTag is not a fitness tracker. If you’re hoping to wear it and track your performance while running or cycling, you can’t. 

AirTags are not wearable fitness trackers. Most fitness trackers can track the distance you’ve run, the number of steps you take, or measure your heart rate. An AirTag can’t track or record any of these measurements, making it useless as a fitness tracker.

What Do AirTags Track?

AirTags can track almost anything you want. People use AirTags to track their keys, wallets, luggage, and pets.

image of an Apple AirTag and its location displayed on the Find My app on an iPhone
An AirTag is an affordable and easy way to track your stuff.

Supported by hundreds of millions of Apple device owners, it doesn’t take long to find your misplaced stuff. As long as you can safely and securely attach an AirTag to it, you’ll be able to track it and find it.

But, before you get excited about all the things you can track with an AirTag, Apple does make recommendations about stuff you shouldn’t track with an AirTag like people, kids and pets. Apple recommends using alternative products like an Apple Watch for keeping tabs on your kiddos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, I have answered all of your questions related to, does an AirTag track exercise. You may still have other questions surrounding AirTags. If you do, below, I have answered some AirTag frequently asked questions, or check out one of my other articles like are AirTags worth it for runners.

What is an AirTag’s Bluetooth range?

An AirTag’s Bluetooth range is about 15 to 30ft.

Do AirTags show real-time tracking?

AirTags do not show real-time tracking.

Can AirTags show something in movement?

AirTags cannot show something in movement.

Final Thoughts On Does An AirTag Track Exercise

So, in conclusion. Does an AirTag track exercise? No. AirTags cannot track exercise. An AirTag’s purpose is to track and find your misplaced stuff like keys, wallets, bags, and luggage and not to track your workouts and exercise. For tracking exercise I recommend you buy an Apple watch.

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