Are AirTags Worth It For Runners? (The Truth)

image of people running a marathon with a title that reads are AirTags worth it for runners

Apple AirTags make it easy to track and find your misplaced stuff like keys, wallets, purses, backpacks, luggage, and more.

However, if you’re new to AirTags, one question is, are AirTags worth it for runners? If you’re wondering the same, read on because this article is for you!

Although you can use an AirTag while running, runners have better alternatives that are more effective for location tracking during a run.

In this article, I explore topics such as using an AirTag for running, can you share an AirTag’s location while running, and much more.

Can I Use An AirTag For Running?

You can use an AirTag for running, but there are some caveats. Apple recommends to not track people with an AirTag. An AirTag’s location can’t be shared using Family Sharing, and you can only register an AirTag with one Apple ID.

image of an Apple AirTag and Find My app on an iPhone and a group of three runners
Apple recommends to not track people with an AirTag.

If you’re a seasoned runner like me, using an AirTag for running appears to be a feasible lightweight tracking alternative to running with your iPhone. But there are caveats you need to consider before tossing one into your shorts pocket and heading out on your next run.

Unlike Apple’s other products, an AirTag’s location can’t be shared with someone else through Apple’s Family Sharing feature. This limitation is down to the fact that an AirTag can only be registered against one Apple ID.

Something else to consider is that Apple also doesn’t recommend using an AirTag to track someone. Apple recommends using other products like Apple Watch to track the location of someone, and let’s face it – as runners, we all want to know our pace too.

Can You Share An AirTag’s Location While Running?

Since an AirTag is linked to one Apple ID, it prevents you from sharing its location using Family Sharing while running.

image of AirTag registration process linking the AirTag to your Apple ID
At registration, an AirTag is linked to your Apple ID.

Apple’s Family Sharing feature allows you and up to five other family members to share access to its services like Apple Music or an iCloud storage plan. You can even help locate each other’s missing devices with Family Sharing, however, Family Sharing does not support the sharing of AirTags.

Are AirTags Good For Long Distance?

Technically an AirTag will work anywhere in the world provided that its Bluetooth signal can be found by a nearby Apple device. 

When it comes to AirTags working long distance, the bottom line is AirTags work well from far away, but only if you’re in a part of the world where Apple devices are more common.

Additionally, when it comes to using Apple’s Precision Finding features, not all countries support Ultra Wideband and are subject to international regulatory requirements.

Will An AirTag Work In The Middle Of Nowhere?

Should you happen to be running in the middle of nowhere or perhaps in a location where no one passes, its unlikely that your AirTag location will be trackable.

AirTags work at their best when used in densely populated areas. If someone with an Apple device passes by your AirTag and it can send that passing Apple device a Bluetooth signal, your AirTag’s location will be visible from the Find My app.

Do AirTags Ever Run Out Of Battery?

An AirTag’s battery will run out after about one year of daily use. However, changing an AirTag’s battery is an easy process.

image of an AirTag's battery life in the Find My app
With the Find My app you can check an AirTag’s battery life.

An AirTag battery will eventually die, and unlike most of Apple’s other products, you can’t charge an AirTag. Therefore, this means when the battery becomes low or does eventually run out, you’re going to have to change it yourself.

Fortunately, an AirTag uses a single CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery as its power source. This battery type is common and can be found in many popular stores like Walmart, Target or even on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, I have answered all of your questions on, are AirTags worth it for runners. However, you may still have other questions surrounding Apple AirTags. If you do, below, I answer some common frequently asked questions or check out one of my other articles like cool AirTag uses.

How heavy is an AirTag?

An AirTag weighs 0.39 ounces.

How big is an AirTag?

An AirTag is 1.26 inches in diameter and has a height of 0.31 inches.

Can AirTags get wet?

AirTags are water resistant.

Final Thoughts On Are AirTags Worth It For Runners?

So, in conclusion. Are AirTags worth it for runners? In my opinion, they’re not. There is romance in just popping one into your pocket and heading out, but unless you’re running in a populated area, your location update isn’t going to happen often.

Being unable to use Apple’s Family Sharing with an AirTag is a huge disadvantage. Better Apple products are available for runners, like the Apple Watch or an iPhone.

Stay Curious.
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