Do SmartTags Come With An Extra Battery?

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Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag is a popular location-tracking device to help find misplaced stuff.

If you’re considering buying a SmartTag, one of the questions you’ll likely want an answer to is, do SmartTags come with an extra battery? If you’re wondering the same, then read on because this article is for you.

SmartTags do not come with an extra battery out of the box. However, if you need to replace a SmartTag’s battery, it can be done in just a few simple steps.

In this article, I explore topics such as what comes with a SmartTag, are SmartTag batteries replaceable, and much more.

Out of the box, a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag comes with one integrated CR2032 battery.

What Comes With A SmartTag?

Inside a SmartTag, you will find the SmartTag itself with an already installed CR2032 3V battery, a quick start guide, and that’s it.

For those hoping that a SmartTag comes with an extra battery, it doesn’t. Nor does it come with a SmartTag case, or a SmartTag keyring, out of the box.

Once you crack open the usual clean Samsung-style packaging, you will see a quick start guide, and the Bluetooth SmartTag tracker itself.

How Long Does A SmartTag Battery Last?

A SmartTag’s battery will last between 6-12 months depending on the SmartTag model.

CR2032 3V lithium SmartTag battery
CR2032 Samsung Galaxy SmartTag battery.

Depending on the use, a SmartTag’s battery life will last about one year according to Samsung.

Alternatively, a SmartTag+’s battery life will only last about six months depending on how it’s used. This is largely due to the addition of Ultra Wideband technology found within the SmartTag+.

Is A SmartTag Battery Replaceable?

A SmartTag has an easy-to-replace CR2032 lithium 3V battery.

Follow these simple steps to replace a Galaxy SmartTag battery:

  1. Insert a flat object into the notch on the bottom of the SmartTag
  2. Separate the two halves.
  3. Remove the dead battery and replace it with a new CR2032 battery.
  4. Snap the covers of the SmartTag back together.
How to change a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, I have answered all of your questions related to, do SmartTags come with an extra battery. However, you may still have other questions surrounding Samsung Galaxy SmartTags. If you do, below I have answered some common frequently asked questions, or check out one of my other articles like, are SmartTags a good gift?

Is a SmartTag rechargeable?

A SmartTag is not rechargeable. Instead, it uses a replaceable CR2032 lithium 3V battery.

Where can I see the battery level of a SmartTag?

You will find the battery level of a SmartTag within the SmartThings app.

How many SmartTags can I track?

You can register 200 SmartTags in the SmartThings app.

Final Thoughts On Do SmartTags Come With An Extra Battery

So, in conclusion. Do SmartTags come with an extra battery? SmartTags do not come with an extra battery out of the box. Thankfully replacing a SmartTag’s battery is a simple task that any SmartTag owner can do in a few simple steps.

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