Do Samsung Galaxy SmartTags Die? (Battery Life Explained)

image of a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag with battery icon that is red and empty and a title that reads do Samsung Galaxy SmartTags die

SmartTags are fast becoming a popular solution for Samsung Galaxy users to keep track of things they tend to lose or misplace.

If you are considering buying a Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+, one of the questions you will likely want an answer to is, do SmartTags die? If you are wondering the same, read on because this article is for you!

Galaxy SmartTags do die. Depending on the model, a SmartTag’s CR2032 battery will last between 6-12 months before it needs to be replaced.

In this article, I explore topics like how long a SmartTag battery lasts, is a SmartTag battery rechargeable, and much more.

image of a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag with battery icon that is red and empty and a title that reads do Samsung Galaxy SmartTags die
A Samsung Galaxy SmartTag’s battery will last between 6-12 months depending on the model.

How Long Does A Galaxy SmartTag Battery Last?

The Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag+ rely on a CR2032 battery for power. However, a SmartTag will last up to one year, and a SmartTag+ will last up to six months.

image of a CR2031 3V lithium battery
A CR2032 3V lithium battery powers SmartTags.

Focusing on the standard SmartTag, Samsung quotes a battery life of 300 days, depending on configuration, power management settings, applications used, and wireless settings.

However, when it comes to the SmartTag+, the Ultra Wideband technology used to pinpoint the SmartTag’s location with improved accuracy cuts the battery life in half, to only 165 days.

Knowing how long your SmartTag’s battery has left is essential when tracking your stuff. Imagine how annoyed you would be only to find that your battery has died. Fear not, Samsung’s SmartThings app enables you to see how much battery life your tracker has left, making it easy to tell when its time to change out the battery.

Is A Galaxy SmartTag Battery Rechargeable?

The CR2032 3V lithium battery that comes with a Galaxy SmartTag is not rechargeable.

Although the battery supplied with a SmartTag is not rechargeable, you could consider replacing it with a rechargeable lithium coin cell battery instead of a one-time use battery.

Do Galaxy SmartTags Have Replaceable Batteries?

Fortunately, the CR2032 battery that comes as standard with either model of the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is easily replaced.

Although SmartTags do die, the CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery provides long-lasting and reliable power to a SmartTag. It’s the same battery you can typically find in other electronic devices, like your home computer or wristwatch.

How To Replace The Battery In A Galaxy SmartTag

Since SmartTags don’t come with an extra battery, knowing how to replace your SmartTag or SmartTag+ battery is a useful skill to have, especially if you’re tracking all your things. Below I cover four simple steps that will walk you through how to replace the battery.

  1. Insert a flat object into the notch on the bottom of the SmartTag
  2. Separate the two halves.
  3. Remove the dead battery and replace it with a new CR2032 battery.
  4. Snap the covers of the SmartTag back together.
How to change a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, I have answered all of your questions related to, do Samsung Galaxy SmartTags die. However, you may still have other questions surrounding SmartTags. If you do, below I have answered some common frequently asked questions or check out some of my other popular articles like, where to use SmartTags.

How do I know if my SmartTag has a low battery?

Within the SmartThings app, tap on any connected SmartTag to check its battery level.

What is a SmartTag’s Bluetooth range?

SmartTags have a Bluetooth range of up to 120 meters line of sight.

Does a Galaxy SmartTag need a subscription?

A Galaxy SmartTag does not need a subscription fee.

Final Thoughts On Do Samsung Galaxy SmartTags Die

So, in conclusion. Do Samsung Galaxy SmartTags die? Yes they do. A SmartTag’s battery life does not last forever. However, depending on the model, you can expect a standard SmartTag battery to last about a year and a SmartTag+ to last about six months.

Replacing a SmartTag’s battery is a simple process that only requires a few simple steps. To ensure that you can track your things effectively, Samsung provides a way to view your SmartTag’s battery charge from the SmartThings app – so there is no excuse for letting your Galaxy SmartTag die.

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