Are Samsung Galaxy SmartTags Magnetic? (Solved)

image of a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag+ with a title that reads are Samsung Galaxy SmartTags magnetic

Samsung Galaxy SmartTags are fast becoming a popular solution for Galaxy owners to keep track of things they tend to lose or misplace.

If you are considering buying a Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+, one of the questions you will likely want an answer to is, are SmartTags magnetic? If you are wondering the same, read on because this article is for you!

Samsung Galaxy SmartTags are not magnetic and do not have a magnetic back either. However, some third-party accessories will enable you to attach the Bluetooth tracker to almost any surface, including metal.

In this article, I explore topics such as are SmartTags magnetic, how do you attach SmartTags, and much more.

Are Samsung Galaxy SmartTags Magnetic?

Out of the box, both the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag+ are not magnetic and cannot be directly attached to a metal surface.

Rather than being magnetic, both SmartTags come with a hole at one corner, enabling users to easily attach them to a keyring, lanyard, or some other form of a clip.

If you are desperate to attach a SmartTag directly onto a metal surface, your best option is to opt for a 3D-printed magnetic SmartTag holder that you can typically buy on Etsy.

How Do You Attach A Samsung Galaxy SmartTag?

Since a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag has a hole at the top, it can be easily attached to almost anything.

If you don’t want to attach your Samsung Galaxy SmartTag directly to an item, you can use one of the many SmartTag accessories available. Most accessories come in the form of a keyring, holder, or adhesive-type mount.

Keyrings And Holders

Keychains, keyrings, and holders are the most popular Samsung Galaxy SmartTag accessory available. These accessories tend to be made from silicone, rubber, or leather and do a great job of allowing you to clip or strap the Bluetooth tracking device to any item you want to track.

Geiomoo Silicone SmartTag Case

Spigen Rugged Armor SmartTag+ Case

Other Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Options For Attaching

Now we’re left with the resourceful options for attaching Samsung Galaxy SmartTags. Starting with my favorite, Duck tape, and yes, it works like a charm, although your pet may not thank you for using it. Any DIY fanatics in the house? A dab of caulk on the back of your Samsung Galaxy SmartTag will hold it in place pretty well too.

Joking aside, there are now pet-specific Samsung Galaxy SmartTag holders that enable you to attach them to a pet collar.

Counlisha Silicone Pet Case For Samsung Galaxy SmartTag And SmartTag+ 

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, I have answered all of your questions related to, are Samsung Galaxy SmartTags magnetic. However, you may still have other questions surrounding SmartTags. If you do, below I have answered some common frequently asked questions or check out some on my other popular articles like, ideas on where you put SmartTags.

Do Samsung Galaxy SmartTags stick to things?

  • Samsung Galaxy SmartTags are not sticky.

Do Samsung Galaxy SmartTags use GPS?

  • Samsung Galaxy SmartTags do not use GPS.

Does a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag work with an iPhone?

  • Samsung Galaxy SmartTags do not work with Apple iPhones.

Final Thoughts On Are Samsung Galaxy SmartTags Magnetic

So, in conclusion. Are Samsung Galaxy SmartTags magnetic? No, they are not. Both the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag+ are not magnetic out of the box. Some third-party-made accessories allow you to attach or mount a SmartTag to metal, or if you are in a pinch you could always tape it!

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