Where Do You Use SmartTags? (Galaxy SmartTag Ideas)

Image of a black Samsung Galaxy SmartTag with a title that reads where do you use SmartTags

Are you new to Samsung Galaxy SmartTags? Are you wondering, where do you use SmartTags?

If you are then I have you covered with some top cool SmartTag ideas and uses below. 

You can use a SmartTag to track items such as keys, wallets, purses, luggage, and much more right from your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet.

In this article, I cover 11 cool uses and ideas for this exciting Samsung Bluetooth tracking technology that will satisfy your curiosity about, where to use SmartTags.

Image of a black Samsung Galaxy SmartTag with a title that reads where do you use SmartTags
Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, the Bluetooth tracking tech that can leverage hundreds of millions of devices on the SmartThings Find network.

11 Useful Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Tracking Ideas

Below I round up a stellar list of useful ideas and things you can attach a SmartTag to and track.

1. Keys, Wallets, Purses And Bags

Tracking lost keys, a misplaced wallet or purse, a lost backpack or even a missing golf bag are all obvious ideas but useful nonetheless.

image of someone holding house keys
Track your keys, wallet, purse or bag easily with a SmartTag tracker.

The diamond-shaped SmartTag comes with a pre-drilled hole at the top, making it easy to attach to your keyring, wallet, purse, or bag. If you’re a parent like me, this is a must for any teenager!

2. Luggage

Using a SmartTag to prevent lost luggage is a fantastic idea. We’ve all experienced lost luggage at some point, and using a SmartTag to track luggage is a game-changer in the world of mishandled baggage. If you’re curious about carry-on luggage, I wrote an article about that too. You can read about taking a SmartTag on a plane here.

a woman with pink luggage
SmartTags are a game-changer for Samsung travelers.

One idea to consider, rather than attaching the SmartTag to the luggage outside, it is far more useful to place the SmartTag inside your suitcase. The SmartTag will be less visible and will be less prone to being ripped off as it passes through any baggage handling system.

3. Tech Devices

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include tracking tech devices in one way or another. However, tracking tech devices can be another use for parents. I’m sure you’ll appreciate this idea if you’ve ever had the misfortune of losing your child’s learning tablet or a gaming device!

a person playing Fortnite on a Nintendo Switch gaming console
Easily track non-Samsung tech devices with a SmartTag.

One thing to note is that certain brands already offer a tracking option for some of their products. However, products like a kid’s Chromebook could be an ideal item to attach a SmartTag to.

4. Power Tools

Here’s one you won’t find in the big box stores. Whether you’re a do-it-yourself enthusiast or a professional on a job site, attaching a SmartTag could prove helpful towards finding some of those more expensive power tools that you perhaps mislaid or were accidentally taken off the job site. Alternatively, consider tossing or attaching a SmartTag to a toolbox.

image of a Bosch power impact driver, hammer and tin of paint
Track your expensive power tools with a SmartTag.

5. Bicycles

If you’re an avid cyclist like me, here is another great idea and use for this tracking tech from Samsung. With some ingenuity, there are plenty of places where you can covertly hide a SmartTag, making finding a stolen bicycle so much easier.

image of a stolen bicycle laid on the side of the road within a wooded area
A Galaxy SmartTag offers a low-cost, lightweight way to track your bicycle.

6. Trash Cans

Perhaps not an idea you would immediately think of unless you happen to live in a neighborhood that charges for replacing trash cans. If this is you, then listen up.

image of a green plastic trash can with a smiley face painted on the side
Keep tabs on your trash can with a SmartTag.

Attaching a SmartTag tracking device to your trash can might help you to recover it. This might be useful, especially if your trash can was removed by a strong storm. Or what if your trash can has been stolen by a jealous neighbor looking for a free upgrade?

7. Storage Boxes

This idea is one for all you hoarders out there. Even the most organized person can still struggle with finding items located in a storage box or bin.

image of a room containing boxes and storage bins
With a SmartTag, you’ll never struggle to find your items in a storage box again.

Why not consider setting up a SmartTag with a name that relates to the items within the storage bin or box and therefore makes it easy to pinpoint exactly what Christmas box has the white LED lights you are searching for.

8. TV Remotes

Every night, after putting the kids to bed, you settle down to catch up on the latest episode of your favorite TV show, and the remote has disappeared. Well, no more. Attach a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and find it in seconds.

image of a black TV remote
Find a missing TV remote in seconds with a SmartTag.

9. Vehicles

A Galaxy SmartTag can offer up a cheap anti-theft device for your vehicle. Hiding one of these devices is a synch with many options available, like the spare wheel, under a seat, or in the glove box – you have so many options! Only on your own car, please.

image of cars parked in a covered car park
Use a SmartTag as a cheap anti-theft device for your car.

What if you were to lose your car in a busy car park? Let’s face it we all have. You’re out of range for the alarm to work – not a problem. Find your vehicle quickly and save yourself the embarrassment of walking up and down the car park rows.

10. Scavenger Hunt

Well, we are a family technology website! One fun idea is to buy a few SmartTags and set up a scavenger hunt with a twist for the kids or even some of the bigger kids in your life.

image of a kid wearing an explorers outfit carrying a magnifying glass
Set up a fun scavenger hunt with a twist using SmartTags.

11. Passports

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or you take the occasional family vacation. As far as travel nightmares go, losing your passport has to be one of the worst. But it doesn’t have to be. Never lose your passport again by attaching a SmartTag to it.

image of two United States of America passports
Never lose your passport again, find it quickly with a SmartTag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, I have answered all your questions on where do you use SmartTags and I’ve given you some handy SmartTag ideas and uses. Below you’ll find a few additional SmartTag frequently asked questions.

Do SmartTags have GPS?

  • Samsung Galaxy SmartTags do not and cannot use GPS.

Do SmartTags work with all Android smartphones?

  • SmartTags only work with Samsung Galaxy Android smartphones.

Are SmartTags waterproof?

  • Samsung Galaxy SmartTags are not waterproof, they are only water resistant.

Final Thoughts On Where Do You Use SmartTags

I love this Samsung tech and it appears there are many strong and fun use cases for this cheap Bluetooth tracking technology. So, in conclusion. Where do you use SmartTags? SmartTags can be used to track almost anything you can attach them to! If you’ve invested in the Samsung ecosystem then go out and grab yourself some SmartTags and start tracking your stuff.

Stay Curious.
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