Can You Put A Samsung Galaxy SmartTag On Your Bike?

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SmartTags are an easy-to-use, low-cost tracking solution from Samsung that can help you find your lost or stolen stuff.

If you’re considering buying a SmartTag or SmartTag+, one question often asked is, can you put a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag on your bike?

SmartTags are great for tracking stolen bikes. They are affordable, lightweight, and easy to hide on any bike.

In this article, I dig into topics like, do SmartTags work on bikes, can you use a SmartTag to find a stolen bike, and much more.

A Samsung Galaxy SmartTag offers bike owners an added layer of security against bicycle thieves.

Can You Track A Bike With A SmartTag?

A SmartTag is an effective way to track a stolen bikeThe Bluetooth tracker can be easily attached to a bicycle, giving owners peace of mind should their bike ever go missing.

A SmartTag attached to a bike sends secure Bluetooth signals to other nearby Samsung Galaxy devices on the SmartThings Find network. These devices then report the location of the SmartTag (and your bike), so it can be tracked in the Samsung SmartThings Find app.

However, there are some caveats to this. It’s important to understand that SmartTags do not use GPS and therefore do not show locations in real-time like a GPS tracker.

Also, if your SmartTag finds its way to a less densely populated area or perhaps a location where no one passes frequently, your SmartTag’s location will be reported less. That being said, a SmartTag is still a great tracking solution for recovering a stolen bike.

Top tech tip: The SmartTag+ needs to be paired with Ultra Wideband enabled Galaxy smartphones with Android 11 or higher to fully function.

Can You Use A SmartTag To Find A Stolen Bike?

Tracking something like a stolen bike isn’t a big deal if it has a SmartTag. With help from hundreds of millions of Samsung Galaxy devices in the SmartThings Find network, a SmartTag can make recovering a stolen bike easy.

Samsung SmartThings Find network.

If your bike is close, your Galaxy smartphone can take you straight to it using a direct Bluetooth connection. If you use a SmartTag+, you can also leverage Bluetooth and AR Finding. Compatible only with Ultra Wideband Galaxy Smartphones, AR Finding uses Ultra Wideband to precisely determine your SmartTag’s distance and direction from your smartphone.

If, on the other hand, your bike is not close to you. Your SmartTag can leverage hundreds of millions of other Samsung Galaxy smartphones on the Samsung SmartThings Find network to broadcast your SmartTag’s location allowing you to see your stolen bike on the SmartThings Find app.

Top tech tip: Install two SmartTags on your bike in case the thief happens to find the first one. 

Where Do You Put SmartTag On Your Bike?

For the best tracking results, attach your SmartTag to the bike frame, preferably on the outside.

Every bike is different, however, some places are better than others when it comes to attaching a SmartTag to your bicycle.

Try and avoid placing the SmartTag inside the bike frame itself, or inside the stem of the bike. While it can still be tracked, you may require you to be close before connecting.

SamrtTags are not magnetic, nor do SmartTags come with adhesive, so you might be wondering how you attach an SmartTag and where are the best places to put a SmartTag on a bike. Well, check out my list below:

  • On the bike frame itself.
  • Attach it to the water bottle cage.
  • Place it under the bike seat.
  • Toss it into your seat bag or frame bag.
  • Attach it to the seat post.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, I have answered all of your questions related to, can you put a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag on your bike? However, you may still have other questions surrounding SmartTags. If you do, below I answer some common frequently asked questions, or check out another article like, are SmartTags a good gift.

What is the difference between the two SmartTags?

A SmartTag uses only Bluetooth, a SmartTag+ uses Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband.

Do both SmartTags work with every Galaxy smartphone?

Only Ultra Wideband enabled smartphones work with the SmartTag+.

Are SmartTags rechargeable?

SmartTags are not rechargeable but you can replace the battery.

Final Thoughts On Can You Put A Samsung Galaxy SmartTag On Your Bike

So, in conclusion. Can you put a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag on your bike? Yes. SmartTags are great for bikes. They’re affordable, lightweight, and easy to attach. There are hundreds of millions of Samsung Galaxy device users in the SmartThings Find network, so it shouldn’t take long for a stolen bike’s location to show up in the SmartThings Find app.

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