Does An AirTag Need WiFi? (Connectivity Explained)

image of an Apple AirTag and a wifi logo with a title that reads does an AirTag need wifi

Apple AirTags makes it super easy to find and track stuff like your keys, wallets, luggage, backpacks, and more.

If you’re new to AirTags, or perhaps considering buying some, one question you might be curious about is, does an AirTag need Wifi? Fear not because I have the answer in this article.

AirTags don’t need WiFi. They rely on Bluetooth to communicate with nearby Apple devices that are within a range of about 33 feet (10 meters).

In this article, I explore does an AirTag need Wifi to work, how does an AirTag work without WiFi, and much more.

Apple AirTag Bluetooth tracker.

Does An AirTag Need WiFi To Work?

An AirTag does not need Wifi, nor an internet connection to track the location of your things. However, an AirTag relies on the Find My app to display the location of your things. To enjoy the best app experience, you’ll need to turn your WiFi your on.

image of an Apple AirTag and its location displayed on the Find My app on an iPhone
Apple Find My app.

Rather than using WiFi, AirTags communicate using Bluetooth signals. Bluetooth works at its best when there is a clear line of sight. And since AirTags do not use a cellular service, you should know that obstacles such as buildings, walls, and metal can have an impact on how effective and strong a Bluetooth signal is.

How Does An AirTag Work Without WiFi?

An AirTag works without WiFi by send anonymous, secure Bluetooth signals to nearby Apple devices on the Find My network. These devices then send the AirTag’s location to iCloud so the AirTag can be seen on the Find My app.

image of a man looking for something under a sofa and an image of Apple Precision Finding on an iPhone
An AirTag will lead you straight to your missing stuff.

If an AirTag is no longer within Bluetooth range of your device, it will leverage other Apple Bluetooth devices on the Apple Find My network and use those devices to broadcast its location.

If your AirTag is close to you, your Apple device, using Precision Finding, will lead you straight to it. Precision Finding uses Ultra Wideband technology to provide spacial and directional information on supported Apple devices.

AirTag Precision Finding
Apple uses Ultra Wideband technology for Precision Finding.

However, if your AirTag is not near, your AirTag can also be put into Lost Mode, just like other Apple products. When your AirTag has been found by other Apple devices close by, you will immediately receive a notification of its whereabouts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, I have answered all of your questions on, does an AirTag need WiFi. However, you may still have other questions surrounding Apple AirTags. If you do, below, I answer some common frequently asked questions or check out one of my other articles like best AirTag ideas.

Do AirTags work offline?

AirTags use Bluetooth and do not need an internet connection to track things.

Do AirTags use cellular data?

AirTags use an efficient, so you don’t need to worry about cellular data.

Does an AirTag use Ultra Wideband?

AirTags are built using the Apple-designed U1 chip that has Ultra Wideband technology.

Can you disable an AirTag?

You can disable an AirTag by removing the battery.

Does an AirTag connect to other iPhones?

AirTags can anonymously communicate with nearby iPhones that use the Find My network.

Final Thoughts On Does An AirTag Need WiFi

So, in conclusion. Does an AirTag need WiFi? No. An AirTag does not need WiFi to track things. AirTags communicate with other nearby Apple devices using Bluetooth. However, to view an AirTag’s location, you will need to use the Find My app, and for the best experience possible, you will want to turn your WiFi on for that.

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