Can You Take An AirTag On A Plane? (What The FAA Says)

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An AirTag is a small Bluetooth tracking device from Apple that can be used to track and find your lost keys, backpack, wallet, and much more.

One question often asked is, can you take an AirTag on a plane? If you are perhaps wondering the same, then read on!

The FAA ruled that you can take an AirTag on a plane. Since an AirTag is powered by lithium metal cells with 0.3 grams or less of lithium within its battery, they are safe to take on an aircraft.

In this article, I explore can you take an AirTag on a plane, are AirTags good for travel, do AirTags work internationally, and much more.

An AirTag can easily be attached or place inside your carry-on luggage.

Are AirTags Allowed On Planes?

An AirTag uses a battery with lithium metal cells of 0.3 grams or less of lithium and is safe to take onboard a plane. Additionally, passengers are flying using short-range Bluetooth devices like headphones, tablet keyboards, and game consoles. AirTags are no different.

image of a airport baggage cart being unloaded with an AirTag and its location showing in the Find My app
Track your luggage with an AirTag.

In response to Lufthansa’s ban on AirTags inside luggage, the FAA has since confirmed the following concerning using AirTags within checked luggage;

“Luggage tracking devices powered by lithium metal cells that have 0.3 grams or less of lithium can be used on checked baggage. Apple AirTags meet this threshold; other luggage tracking devices may not.”

Federal Aviation Authority (FAA)

An AirTag uses Bluetooth to send a secure and anonymous signal to other Apple devices on the Find My network to register its physical location. Since an AirTag doesn’t use cellular, AirTags are allowed on airplanes without having to power them down or remove their battery.

AirTags are a low-cost and easy way to track all your carry-on and checked baggage, giving you some additional peace of mind if you happen to leave a bag on board or if it’s mishandled by the airline during your journey.

Can You Take AirTags Through Airport Security?

There are no constraints in taking Apple AirTags through airport security. Whether you leave the device inside your carry-on, have it attached to your checked baggage, or have an AirTag in your wallet or purse, you will have no issues traveling with the tracking device. Thousands of Apple devices successfully pass through TSA security every day.

Are Bluetooth Devices Allowed On Planes?

Bluetooth devices are allowed on planes. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the largest transportation agency of the U.S. government and regulates all aspects of civil aviation in the country. In 2013, the FAA adjusted its rules and regulations, allowing passengers to use Bluetooth headphones during flights.

Are AirTags Good For Travel?

Whether you’re traveling with checked or carry-on baggage, attaching an AirTag to your bags is a great idea that will give you some extra peace of mind while you travel.

image of AirTag location at IAH airport
An AirTag gives peace of mind while you travel.

An AirTag leverages Apple’s Find My network, which has hundreds of millions of iPhones, iPads, and Mac devices. If you decide to use an AirTag while you travel, there is a high likelihood your lost baggage location will be visible within your Find My app.

AirTags work virtually anywhere in the world, and they’re affordable. These two reasons alone make them a fantastic option for travel. Additional to that, AirTags are dust and water-resistant, and you don’t need to change the battery for a year. So using an AirTag when you travel is a no-brainer!

Do AirTags Work Internationally?

AirTags will work internationally as long as they are within range of an iPhone or any other Bluetooth Apple device that can send their locations to Apple’s iCloud.

image of an Apple AirTag and its location displayed on the Find My app on an iPhone
AirTags can be used globally.

If you have an AirTag inside your luggage and you leave it on board a plane for example, as long as someone with an Apple device connected to iCloud passes by your AirTag, your AirTag’s location will be visible within the Find My app.

Now, it’s important to note that when finding an AirTag internationally, specifically using Precision Finding, not all international countries actually support Ultra Wideband technology, and its use is subject to international regulatory requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, I have answered all of your questions related to, can you take an AirTag on a plane. However, you may still have other questions surrounding Apple AirTags. If you do, below I have answered some common frequently asked questions.

Can you put an AirTag in a suitcase?

  • Placing an AirTag in a suitcase is a great idea and will prevent it from being removed as it travels through the airport’s baggage handling system.

Are AirTags TSA approved?

  • Yes. AirTags are TSA approved.

Can you fly with AirTags?

  • Yes. Since AirTags are TSA approved you can use them on your checked and carry-on baggage.

Final Thoughts On Can You Take An AirTag On A Plane

So, in conclusion. Can you take an AirTag on a plane? Yes, you can take an AirTag on a plane. The FAA have ruled that AirTags can be used on a plane. Additionally, since an Apple AirTag relies on short-range Bluetooth and not a cellular service, taking an AirTag on a plane is not an issue.

Are you looking for some additional AirTag reading? Check out my other article on where to put Apple AirTags.

Stay Curious.
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