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The Best Kid-friendly Safe Search Engines

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Access to the internet is everywhere and kids today have access to devices and technology that allow them to search the web more than they ever had before. Kids search engines are readily available and remove the worry of your child having access to inappropriate content. Having this availability to the web is fantastic but […]

Do I Need Antivirus Protection For My Mac? (Explained)

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It’s no mystery that the level of protection on an Apple Mac is superior. However, no operating system can ever be fool-proof against malware, so it begs the question, do I need antivirus protection for my Mac? Malicious viruses and malware are becoming more difficult to protect against, so having an additional layer of antivirus […]

The 9 Best Travel Gadgets Every Digital Nomad Needs

Ready to hop on a plane and start your life as a digital nomad? Well, hold on a second because we’ve got a couple of things to make your experience a heck of a lot better. Traveling abroad and living out of a backpack means you won’t have access to all the things you had […]

What Color Are AirTags? (Solved)

what color are AirTags

So, what color are AirTags? AirTags have a glossy white cover on one side and a polished stainless steel cover on the other. In this article, I explore everything you need to know about the color of an AirTag out-of-the-box and the choices available should you want to customize one. What Color Do AirTags Come In? […]

Do AirTags Come With A Case? (Solved)

do AirTags come with a case

Are you looking to buy an Apple AirTag to find and track lost keys, bags, wallets, and other items and are curious to know, do AirTags come with a case? If you are then this article is for you! Out of the box, Apple AirTags do not come with a case. However, there is a […]

Internet Safety For Tweens And Teens (5 Easy Steps To Get You Started)

internet safety for tweens and teens

Parents, are you looking for easy, effective internet safety for tweens and teens? If so, read on! Having access to the internet as a tween or teen is a fantastic privilege, whether it’s for educational or social purposes. What’s not so fantastic are all the hidden dangers that kids and parents may not be fully […]

Are AirTags Worth It For Runners? (The Truth)

image of people running a marathon with a title that reads are AirTags worth it for runners

Apple AirTags make it easy to track and find your misplaced stuff like keys, wallets, purses, backpacks, luggage, and more. However, if you’re new to AirTags, one question is, are AirTags worth it for runners? If you’re wondering the same, read on because this article is for you! Although you can use an AirTag while […]