Do I Need Antivirus Protection For My Mac? (Explained)

do I need antivirus protection for my Mac image

It’s no mystery that the level of protection on an Apple Mac is superior. However, no operating system can ever be fool-proof against malware, so it begs the question, do I need antivirus protection for my Mac? Malicious viruses and malware are becoming more difficult to protect against, so having an additional layer of antivirus […]

Internet Safety For Tweens And Teens (5 Easy Steps To Get You Started)

internet safety for tweens and teens

Parents, are you looking for easy, effective internet safety for tweens and teens? If so, read on! Having access to the internet as a tween or teen is a fantastic privilege, whether it’s for educational or social purposes. What’s not so fantastic are all the hidden dangers that kids and parents may not be fully […]

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