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Why Everyone Should Visit Mexico: Everything You Need to Know

Why Everyone Should Visit Mexico: Everything You Need to Know Ahhh Mexico! Street tacos, mariachi bands, and tequila, what’s not to like about the country? If Mexico isn’t at the top of your travel list, it ought to be! It’s a haven for weekend travelers, digital nomads, and everyone in between. But does it really […]

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking for your next great adventure in Central America, then look no further than Nicaragua’s Ometepe Island. The island is located in the middle of Lake Nicaragua in the south of the country, and it’s teeming with epic activities, from hiking volcanoes to swimming in natural pools, so get ready to have a […]

Are Chromebooks Durable? (Explained)

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Chromebooks have evolved so much since their launch back in 2011. They’re now thinner, lighter, faster, have more storage, the list goes on. One Chromebook feature that is often overlooked is durability. When used under regular circumstances, Chromebooks are durable. Some Chromebooks are designed to withstand knocks, bumps, drops, and spills. However, don’t expect them […]

Do High School Students Need A Laptop? (Explained)

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If you’ve ever wondered, do high school students need a laptop – while it’s not necessary for high school students to have a laptop for their in class studies, laptops have now become a must for homework and collaboration outside of the classroom. A laptop is now a necessity for high school student homework. As […]