Will A Chromebook Run Without A Battery?

If you’re having power issues with your Chromebook while it’s not plugged into an electrical outlet, there is a good chance that your Chromebook battery is bad. If your Chromebook won’t turn on, you might be asking yourself, will a Chromebook run without a battery? Well, let’s find out!

As a general rule of thumb, all Chromebooks should work without a battery if the AC adapter is plugged into the Chromebook and into an electrical outlet.

In this article, I explore topics such as can Chromebooks work without a battery, how to tell if your Chromebook battery is bad, how to perform a Chromebook battery health check, and much more.

close up image of a Chromebook's power port with the title will a chromebook run without a battery
The good news is that most Chromebooks will work without a battery.

Do Chromebooks Work Without A Battery?

Chromebooks do work without a battery. Using a Chromebook without a battery won’t cause any issues. The Chromebook will work perfectly fine provided that the AC adapter is plugged into the Chromebook and an electrical outlet appropriately.

Although your Chromebook will work perfectly fine without a battery when plugged into an electrical outlet. If the plug becomes loose, you can run the risk that the Chromebook will turn off immediately, potentially leading to data damage and maybe even damage to the Chromebook’s internal components.

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Is It Safe To Use A Chromebook Without A Battery?

In general, it’s safe to use a Chromebook without a battery as long as the AC adapter is connected securely to the Chromebook and has a reliable supply of power. 

However, using a Chromebook without a battery should only be a temporary short-term situation and should not be considered a long-term solution. Using a Chromebook without a battery puts the Chromebook at high risk for damage if the AC adapter is removed or you experiences a sudden loss of power.

If you are faced with having to use your Chromebook without a battery for a prolonged period of time, I recommend you use a power back up device such as a UPS.

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How To Use Your Chromebook Safely Without A Battery?

So, if you find yourself using your Chromebook without a battery, follow these four simple steps to ensure you do it safely.

  1. Ensure that the AC adapter is connected properly and intact. Even a slightly loose connection can cause your Chromebook to turn off without being shut down properly.
  2. Always stay away from the battery slots and never ever touch the battery pin slots when the Chromebook is turned on because it can cause a health hazard and may result in a short circuit.
  3. Try to use the original AC adapter that came with your Chromebook to reduce the effect of power variations.
  4. Use a power backup device like a UPS especially if you live in an area where frequent power outages occur.

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How Do I Know If My Chromebook Battery Is Bad?

Besides the obvious, like your Chromebook won’t power up, you can use Chrome Shell (CROSH) to check the health of your Chromebook battery to determine if its bad.

CROSH allows you to access the diagnostics available within your Chromebook’s Chrome OS and can help with resolving Chromebook battery charging issues.

So how do you access CROSH? Its easy, just follow the simple steps below to access the SHELL and walk through the steps to perform a Chromebook battery health check.

  1. Press the Ctrl + Alt + t keys together. The SHELL interface should appear onscreen in the browser.
  2. Type battery_test (into the CROSH black screen, and then press Enter.
  3. Look for Battery health: (with percent showing) result.
image of CROSH and a complete battery health check result set
Chrome SHELL battery health check.

Top tech tip: If the battery health percentage is over 50%, it means the Chromebook’s battery is performing as it should.

How to perform a Chromebook battery test using CROSH.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, I have answered all of your questions related to, will a Chromebook run without a battery. You may still have other questions surrounding Chromebooks. If you do, below, I have answered some popular frequently asked questions, or check out my other article on why Chromebooks are so popular.

Why do Chromebook batteries last so long?

Chromebooks run on Chrome OS which is a lightweight operating system that puts less demand on the Chromebook’s components.

Why won’t my Chromebook turn on even when plugged in?

You likely have a bad battery.

Do Chromebook batteries deteriorate?

Aging Chromebook batteries can lose their ability to hold a charge to the point where the battery is no longer able to power the Chromebook.

Final Thoughts On Will A Chromebook Run Without A Battery

So, in conclusion, will a Chromebook run without a battery? Yes. A Chromebook will work even without a battery. And though running a Chromebook without a battery may have a few advantages, it is not recommended to use your Chromebook without a battery as a long-term solution.

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