Do Mechanical Keyboards Work On Mac? (Solved)

do mechanical keyboards work on Mac

Are you a Mac user and curious to know, do mechanical keyboards work on Mac? If so, this article is for you! Many keyboard manufacturers offer mechanical keyboards that work on Mac. Over the last few years, mechanical keyboards have gained popularity and are no longer just for Windows users. Keyboards are a very personal […]

Are All Mechanical Keyboards Loud? (Solved)

are all mechanical keyboards loud

Are you new to mechanical keyboards? Or perhaps you already own a mechanical keyboard and are curious about your switch noise. One question often asked is, are all mechanical keyboards loud? If you’re wondering the same, then read on! Not all mechanical keyboards are loud. Choosing a mechanical keyboard with a silent switch will ensure […]

Do Mechanical Keyboards Last Longer? (Solved)

do mechanical keyboards last longer

Are you considering buying a new keyboard or curious to know, do mechanical keyboards last longer? If you are, then read on because this article is for you! Mechanical keyboards tend to have a longer life span when compared to membrane keyboards. Mechanical keyboard switches also have a significantly higher click lifespan.  Keyboards are typically […]

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