Do Mechanical Keyboards Last Longer? (Solved)

do mechanical keyboards last longer

Are you considering buying a new keyboard or curious to know, do mechanical keyboards last longer? If you are, then read on because this article is for you!

Mechanical keyboards tend to have a longer life span when compared to membrane keyboards. Mechanical keyboard switches also have a significantly higher click lifespan. 

Keyboards are typically referred to by the types of switch technology they use and can be separated into two groups, mechanical or membrane keyboards. In this article, I explore do mechanical keyboards last longer, how many years mechanical keyboards last, and are mechanical keyboards more durable.

do mechanical keyboards last longer
Mechanical keyboards tend to last longer than membrane or rubber dome keyboards.

Do Mechanical Keyboards Last Longer Than Membrane Keyboards?

Speak to any mechanical keyboard convert who pounds on their keyboard daily, and they will tell you that mechanical keyboards last longer than membrane keyboards. So why do mechanical keyboards last longer? When considering longevity, you need to consider features like how many keystrokes a particular mechanical keyboard is rated for over its lifespan.

Typically mechanical keyboard switches are rated to last for over seventy million clicks. Cherry MX switches are rated for over one hundred million click lifespan. Compare these numbers to typical membrane keyboards where they are rated to only last for approximately five million keystrokes.

Switches are not the only feature that contributes to a mechanical keyboard’s long lifespan. A high-quality mechanical keyboard will be built with better materials, such as PBT keycaps, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frames, and so on. Mechanical keyboards also allow you to easily replace components like switches and keycaps, which also extends the longevity of the keyboard itself.

Corsair K100 RGB Mechanical Keyboard With Cherry MX

Are Mechanical Keyboards More Durable?

On average, when comparing similar keyboards, membrane versus mechanical, mechanical keyboards can be considered more durable because of the increased durability of the switches. However, it’s important to note that not all mechanical keyboards are equal. Just because the keyboard is mechanical doesn’t necessarily mean the keyboard will be more durable or last longer than a membrane keyboard.

When looking for a long-lasting, durable mechanical keyboard, consider the actual build quality and the materials used on the keyboard. This is especially true when considering the mechanical switches themselves. A budget switch with a cheap spring may not last as long as a good-quality rubber dome button. Other points to consider are the chassis material and quality of the alloy, along with the quality of the keycaps since budget keyboards tend to opt for ABS plastic.

How Many Years Do Mechanical Keyboards Last?

Mechanical keyboard manufacturers don’t publish the actual lifespan years of their keyboards, so we need to do some napkin math to understand what lifespan might look like. Of course, it’s impossible to determine exactly when the components of a keyboard will fail, however, we can consider the switch lifespan to give us some indication of potentially how many years a mechanical keyboard might last.

Keystrokes Per Day:Switch Keystroke Rating:Lifespan:
8,00060 Million20 Years
8,00080 Million27 Years
8,000100 Million34 Years
Mechanical keyboard switch lifespan.

Whilst the table above is just a fun illustration, the likelihood is that a component of the keyboard will likely fail before the switch lifespan is reached. The point to note here is that membrane keyboards are typically only rated to last for approximately five million keystrokes.

Pros And Cons Of Mechanical Keyboards

Below I list out a few of the top pros and cons of mechanical keyboards:

Mechanical Keyboard Pros:

Mechanical Keyboard Cons:

  • Good quality mechanical keyboards are more expensive than membrane keyboards
  • Mechanical keyboards tend to be more heavier than membrane keyboards
  • Mechanical keyboard can be more easily damaged from spills than membrane keyboards
  • Choosing from all the switch types can be overwhelming

Omen by HP Sequencer Mechanical Optical Keyboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, I have answered all your questions on, do mechanical keyboards last longer. Below I answer a few additional mechanical keyboard frequently asked questions.

Which Cherry MX switch is the quietest?

Cherry MX Brown is the quietest sounding switch.

Which Cherry MX switch is the loudest?

Cherry MX Blue is the loudest sounding switch.

Why do mechanical keyboards last so long?

A good quality mechanical keyboard tends to be built with better quality materials.

Final Thoughts On Do Mechanical Keyboards Last Longer

So, in conclusion, do mechanical keyboards last long? Yes, they do. A high-quality mechanical keyboard will last longer simply due to the quality of the switch. Mechanical keyboards give users the ability to easily maintain and service their keyboards, which also aids a longer lifespan. However, not all mechanical keyboards are equal. Buying a budget mechanical keyboard might not last as long as you hoped for.

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