Is There An AirTag For Android? (Solved)

AirTags are Apple’s popular Bluetooth tracking device that helps you track and find your misplaced stuff.

If you’re not an Apple user, one question you might find yourself wondering is, is there an AirTag for Android?

While there is no AirTag for Android, there are a few alternative options, the Tile Mate, Chipolo One, and the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+. 

In this article, I explore topics such as what is the Android equivalent of an AirTag, do AirTags work with Android, and much more.

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If you want an Android equivalent of an AirTag, there are a few options to choose from.

Do AirTags Work With Android?

You cannot register and track stuff with an AirTag using an Android device, however, Android users can scan and detect unwanted AirTags that might be traveling with them.

How to scan and detect unwanted AirTags with an Android.

In response to unwanted AirTag tracking, Apple has since released an Android-compatible app called Tracker Detect. However, this app’s purpose is focused on safety rather than tracking your lost stuff.

Tracker Detect looks for item trackers that are separated from their owner and that are compatible with Apple’s Find My network.

Apple Inc.

One of the drawbacks to AirTags working with Android, besides operating systems, is Android devices cannot leverage Apple’s Find My network. Using the power and reach of hundreds of millions of worldwide Apple devices is what makes AirTags successful at tracking and finding misplaced stuff.

One last point to note regarding do AirTags work with Android. When an AirTag is in Lost Mode, anyone with an Android NFC-capable smartphone can get the AirTag’s contact information by tapping it.

What Is The Android Equivalent Of An AirTag?

When it comes to the Android equivalent of an AirTag, there are a few options to choose from, such as the Tile Mate, Chipolo One, and the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+. 

Tile Mate

Chipolo One

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+

Whether you want to track keys, bags, wallets, or luggage, these three low-cost Android trackers share similar features to the Apple AirTag. All three Android alternatives offer Bluetooth connectivity, have an ingress water rating, and have a long battery life.

But before you rush out and buy yourself an Android AirTag alternative, let’s take a closer look at the Tile Mate, Chipolo One, and the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+.

Tile Mate

Why you’ll love it: This best-selling Android tracker comes in cheaper than an Apple AirTag. With a range of up to 250ft, the Tile Mate offers an IP67 water rating. Boasting a three-year battery life, the Tile Mate allows you to share the device, unlike an AirTag that can’t be shared.

Why you won’t love it: Despite having a three-year battery life, the Tile Mate’s battery is not replaceable, making this Android Bluetooth tracker a throwaway item once the battery dies.

To get the most out of this alternative AirTag for Android, you need to buy a premium plan. The plan gives Tile Mate owners proactive smart alert notifications and item reimbursement in the event that your item can’t be found.

Color:Black, white
Bluetooth Range:250ft
Ultra Wideband:None
Battery Life:3 years, non-replaceable
Water Rating:IP67 water resistant
Compatibility:Android, iOS
Voice Assistant:Alexa, Google, Siri
Multi-pack Discount:2 pack, 3 pack
Premium Plan:At additional cost
Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

Chipolo One

Why you’ll love it: This Android tracker offers features like Out of Range Alerts that are typically a paid option with other brands. With six colors to choose from, this Android AirTag alternative has a two-year user-replaceable battery life too. This little colorful tracker is ideally suited to tracking all your stuff around the home.

Why you won’t love it: The Chipolo One does lack the eco-system behind it like Apple’s Find My network. With a Bluetooth range if 200ft – line of sight, some Chipolo One users might be a little disappointed with its tracking capabilities.

Although the Chipolo One does cost less than an AirTag and offers some features that other brands charge for, this Bluetooth Android compatible tracker will be considered expensive by some, given its tracking limitations.

Color:Green, red, yellow, blue, black
Bluetooth Range:200ft
Ultra Wideband:None
Battery Life:2 years, replaceable
Water Rating:IPX5 splash proof
Compatibility:Android, iOS
Voice Assistant:Alexa, Google, Siri
Multi-pack Discount:4 pack
Premium Plan:None
Chipolo One Bluetooth Tracker

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+

Why you’ll love it: Of all the trackers available, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ is the closest to an AirTag for Android you will get. Offering Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ has the finding power of the Galaxy Find Network, which is similar to Apple’s Find My network.

Why you won’t love it: The downside, and perhaps the main limiting factor of the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+, is that you can only use it with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and not any other branded Android devices like Google.

Color:Denim blue, black
Bluetooth Range:400ft
Ultra Wideband:50ft
Battery Life:6 months, replaceable
Water Rating:IP67 water resistant
Voice Assistant:Alexa, Google
Multi-pack Discount:2 pack
Premium Plan:add
Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ Bluetooth Tracker

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, I have answered all of your questions related to, is there an AirTag for Android. Below, I have answered some frequently asked questions.

Does Android have an AirTag?

Android does not have an AirTag.

Is there a Samsung version of AirTags?

Samsung’s version of an AirTag is called the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag.

Final Thoughts On Is There An AirTag For Android

So, in conclusion, is there an AirTag for Android? No. There is no Apple AirTag available for Android. However, there are many Android-compatible Bluetooth trackers available on the market, like the Tile Mate, Chipolo One, and the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+.

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