Are AirTags Loud?

are AirTags loud

An Apple AirTag is a low-cost and super-easy way to keep track of all of your stuff like keys, wallets, purses, backpacks, and more. However, one question often asked is, are AirTags loud? If you’re wondering the same, then read on!

An AirTag’s built-in speaker will produce a sound of approximately 60 decibels at its loudest, which is the equivalent of a normal conversation between two people sitting 3 feet apart.

In this article, I explore are AirTags loud, what sound you can expect from AirTags, if you can make AirTag’s louder, and answer a few common frequently asked AirTag questions.

are AirTags loud
If you’ve lost an item, no problem. From an Apple AirTag, you can play a sound on the built-in speaker making finding your item super-easy.

Do AirTags Make A Noise?

AirTags make up to four unique noises depending on the AirTag feature you are using. The noise from an AirTag is often referred to as a chime and is played directly from the AirTag’s built-in speaker.

So what are the four unique noises that an AirTag makes? Let’s explore the sounds a little more below:

  • AirTag welcome chime: the welcome sound plays when you first begin to set up your AirTag.
  • AirTag set up complete chime: this sound plays when your AirTag is set up and ready to use.
  • AirTag Find My chime: this sound plays repeatedly if you’re locating an AirTag in the Apple Find My app.
  • AirTag battery connected chime: you’ll hear this sound after successfully replacing an AirTag’s battery.

If you’re using an AirTag to track your items, it’s important to become familiar with the different noises that you can expect an AirTag to make. To this point, Apple Support has produced a useful video that allows you to hear the different noises listed above.
Get to know AirTag sounds.

How Loud Is An AirTag Sound?

At its loudest, an AirTag’s sound is approximately 60 decibels. When an AirTag is placed within a purse or wallet, an AirTag’s sound is reduced to approximately 40 decibels.

So how loud is a decibel I hear you say? For comparison, check out the table below, where you can compare some common sounds and their representative decibel sound level.

  • 0-30 dB: very quiet
  • 31-60 dB: quiet
  • 61-80 dB: annoying
  • 81+ dB: potentially damaging
Decibel LevelCommon Sound
80 dBKitchen blender appliance
70 dBDishwasher appliance
60 dBConversation in an office or restaurant
50 dBRefrigerator appliance
40 dBRunning stream
30 dBWhisper
20 dBBreathing
10 dBEmpty room with no people or running appliances
Decibel sound level meter.

Can You Make AirTags Louder?

As it stands, there is no option or feature to make AirTags louder. An AirTag’s built-in speaker has one pre set volume that cannot be increased from within the Find My app.

Some users suggest that an AirTag’s chime is not loud enough especially if you intend to rely on sound alone for finding a misplaced item. It appears Apple perhaps might have left off this feature with the intent of adding it to any future version of the Bluetooth tracker.

Speculation aside, the issue remains that there is no physical way you can make AirTags louder. So for the time being, AirTag users have to rely on the pre set volume and Apple’s Precision Finding feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, I have answered all of your questions on, are AirTags loud. However, you may still have other questions surrounding Apple AirTags. If you do, below, I answer some common frequently asked questions.

Are AirTags silent?

AirTags are not silent they have a built-in speaker that produces four unique sounds relating to various AirTag features.

How do I turn up the volume on an AirTag?

There is no feature or way to turn up the volume on an AirTag.

How loud is an AirTag sound?

At its loudest, an AirTag’s sound is approximately 60 decibels. If the AirTag is placed within a bag or wallet, the decibel level will reduce to approximately 40 decibels.

Final Thoughts On Are AirTags Loud

So, in conclusion. Are AirTags loud? Generally speaking, AirTags are not loud. The sound level of an AirTag is comparable to that of a restaurant conversation between two people. At their loudest, AirTags generate a noise level of approximately 60 decibels which is reduced to around 40 decibels if the tracking device is placed within a bag or wallet for example.

Check out my other article for some useful AirTag ideas or if you’re curious to know, does an AirTag vibrate I have an article that explores that too.

Stay Curious.
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