Are AirTags Good For Bikes? (Solved)

image of a female riding a bicycle with text that reads are AirTags good for bikes

AirTags are an easy-to-use, low-cost tracking solution from Apple that can help you find your lost or stolen stuff.

If you’re thinking about buying an AirTag, one of the common questions often asked is, are AirTags good for bikes?

AirTags are great for tracking stolen bikes. They are affordable, lightweight, and easy to hide on any bike.

In this article, I dig into topics like, do AirTags work on bikes, can you use an AirTag to find a stolen bike, and much more.

image of a female riding a bicycle with text that reads are AirTags good for bikes
An AirTag offers bike owners an added layer of security against bike thieves.

Do AirTags Work On Bikes?

AirTags are an effective way to find stolen bikes quicklyThe Bluetooth tracker can be easily attached to a bicycle, giving owners peace of mind should their bike ever go missing.

image of an Apple AirTag showing the location in the Find My app and an image of a bike wheel locked
Hundreds of millions of Apple devices are in Apple’s global Find My network.

An AirTag sends out secure Bluetooth signals that are discoverable by nearby Apple devices on the Find My network. These Apple devices then send the location of the AirTag to iCloud so the AirTag can be seen within the Find My app map. Given that there are hundreds of millions of Apple devices in the Find My network it won’t take too long for your stolen bike to pop up on the map.

However, there are some caveats to this. It’s important to understand that AirTags do not use GPS, and therefore do not show locations in real time like a GPS tracker. Also if your AirTag finds its way to a less densely populated area, or perhaps a location where no one passes frequently, then it’s less likely that your AirTag’s location will be reported frequently. That being said, an AirTag is still a brilliant tracking solution for bikes.

Can You Use An AirTag To Find A Stolen Bike?

Tracking something like a stolen bike isn’t a big deal if it has an AirTag attached to it. With help from hundreds of millions of Apple devices in the Find My network, an AirTag can make recovering a stolen bike easy and quick.

AirTag Precision Finding showing directions to your AirTag
Apple devices that support Precision Finding can lead you directly to a stolen bike.

Top tech tip: Install two AirTags on your bike in case the thief happens to find the first one. 

If your AirTag is close to you, your iPhone can take you straight to it using Precision Finding. Compatible with an iPhone 11 or later, Precision Finding uses Ultra Wideband technology to accurately determine your AirTag’s distance and direction from your iPhone.

If, on the other hand, your AirTag is not close to you. Your AirTag can leverage hundreds of millions of other Apple Bluetooth devices like iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks on the worldwide Apple Find My network to broadcast its location to iCloud, allowing you to see your AirTag on the Find My app.

Lastly, as with other Apple devices, an AirTag can be put into Lost Mode too. If your AirTag is in Lost Mode and is detected by another Apple device on the Find My network, you’ll receive a notification to your Apple device, allowing you to track it down quickly, perfect if your bike is ever stolen.

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t cover the AirTag notice regarding an AirTag is traveling with you. While this feature was designed to prevent someone from trying to track you without your knowledge, it can also be a bonus for bike thieves. However, this alert is only sent after a period of time, and hopefully, by that time you will already be well on your way to recovering your stolen bike.

Where Do You Put An AirTag On Your Bike?

When it comes to where to put an AirTag, every bike is different. However, for best results attach the AirTag to the bike frame on the outside.

As mentioned above, every bike is different, however, some places are better than others when it comes to attaching an AirTag to your bike.

Try and avoid placing the AirTag inside the bike frame itself, or inside the stem of the bike. While it can still be tracked, Precision Finding may require you to be close before connecting.

AirTags are not magnetic, nor do AirTags come with adhesive, so you might be wondering how you attach an AirTag and where are the best places to put an AirTag on a bike. Well, check out my list below:

  • On the bike frame itself.
  • Attach it to the water bottle cage.
  • Place it under the bike seat.
  • Toss it into your seat bag or frame bag.
  • Attach it to the seat post.

Supmega Bike Mount For AirTag

Tusita Seat Post Bike Mount For AirTag

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, I have answered all of your questions related to, are AirTags good for bikes. However, you may still have other questions surrounding Apple AirTags. If you do, below I answer some common frequently asked questions.

From how far away does Precision Finding on an AirTag work?

Precision Finding will work between 15-30ft away.

Does an AirTag use GPS?

An AirTag does not use GPS for determining its location.

How long will an AirTag battery last?

An AirTag battery last about one year before it needs to be replaced.

Final Thoughts On Are AirTags Good For Bikes

So, in conclusion, are AirTags good for bikes? Yes. AirTags are great for bikes. They’re cheap to buy, they’re lightweight, they’re easy to attach to a bike. There are hundreds of millions of Apple device users in the Find My network, so it shouldn’t take long for a stolen bike’s location to show up in the Find My app.