Do AirTags Use RFID? (Solved)

image of an AirTag with the tile that reads do AirTags use RFID?

Apple’s AirTag is a cost-effective Bluetooth tracking solution designed to help you track and find your misplaced stuff like keys, wallets, bags, and luggage. If you’re not familiar with AirTags, one question you might have is, do AirTags use RFID?  AirTags do not use RFID for identification and tracking. Instead, AirTags use Bluetooth technology and

Are There Different Types Of AirTags? (Solved)

image of an AirTag with the Apple logo facing up and a title that reads are there different types of airtags

An AirTag is a low-cost, accurate, location-based tracking solution. But if you’re new to this product offered by Apple, you’re perhaps wondering, are there different types of AirTags available? Fear not, because, in this article, we explore what’s on offer! There is only one model of Apple’s AirTag. The small, lightweight, Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband

Why Are Chromebooks So Popular? (Explained)

image of a HP Chromebook with the title why are Chromebooks so popular

Ever since their release in 2011, Chromebooks have grown significantly in popularity. So you would be forgiven for wondering, why are Chromebooks so popular? Whether you’re deciding on buying a Chromebook for the first time or you just want to weigh up your computing options, I’ll help uncover the answer. Chromebooks have become popular thanks

Are Chromebooks Good For Travel? (Solved)

image of a suitcase packed with clothes and an Acer Chromebook next to the suitcase

If you’re considering a new computer for traveling but are new to Chromebooks, one common question is, are Chromebooks good for travel? If you’re wondering the same, then this article is for you! A Chromebook is a great choice for traveling because they’re portable, lightweight, encrypted and offer an affordable price tag. With its exceptional

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