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Are Mechanical Keyboards Easy To Clean? (6 Step Guide)

are mechanical keyboards easy to clean

Is your mechanical keyboard dirty? We all know that keyboards aren’t the cleanest even if you do prize yourself for being a clean freak. Food, hair, and all sorts of little nasties tend to fall between the keys. Not to worry, let’s dig into understanding, are mechanical keyboards easy to clean? Mechanical keyboards are easier […]

6 Tips For MacBook Users Who Are New To macOS

tips for MacBook users who are new to macOS

If you are new to MacBooks and macOS, you might feel that you are not getting the most out of your device. This is natural, especially if you have been using Microsoft Windows or another operating system for a long time. The transition can be difficult, but you should not feel too down because of […]

Are AirTags Sticky? (Solved)

image of an Apple AirTag sitting on a laptop with a title that reads are AirTags sticky

AirTags make it easy to track and find your misplaced stuff like keys, wallets, purses, backpacks, luggage, and more. If you’re new to AirTags, one question regularly asked is, are AirTags sticky? If you’re wondering the same, read on because this article is for you! Apple AirTags are not sticky. However, there are a wide […]