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Top 8 Ways Kids Can Bypass Parental Controls and How to Stop Them

image of young boy wearing headphones on a laptop computer and a title that reads how to bypass parental controls

If you’re a parent who relies on parental controls for monitoring internet access and screen time, then this article is for you. Tech-savvy kids can hack and bypass parental controls with relative ease these days, and as parents, it’s crucial to know and be aware of these hacks in conjunction with a trusted parental control […]

The Best Kid-friendly Safe Search Engines

best kid-friendly search engines image

Access to the internet is everywhere and kids today have access to devices and technology that allow them to search the web more than they ever had before. Kids search engines are readily available and remove the worry of your child having access to inappropriate content. Having this availability to the web is fantastic but […]

Internet Safety For Tweens And Teens (5 Easy Steps To Get You Started)

internet safety for tweens and teens

Parents, are you looking for easy, effective internet safety for tweens and teens? If so, read on! Having access to the internet as a tween or teen is a fantastic privilege, whether it’s for educational or social purposes. What’s not so fantastic are all the hidden dangers that kids and parents may not be fully […]

Why Does SSL Make A Website More Secure?

image of a web page secured by https using a SSL certificate

If you find yourself browsing a website, you can determine if it’s using a trusted SSL certificate by looking at the website’s address within the browser address bar. But why does SSL make a website more secure? SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a security protocol that encrypts data transmitted between a user and a […]