Do AirTags Die? (AirTag Battery Life Explained)

do AirTags die

AirTags are fast becoming a popular solution for Apple users to keep track of items they lose or misplace. If you’re considering buying an Apple AirTag, one of the questions you’ll likely want an answer to is, do AirTags die? If you do, read on because this article is for you. With regular use an […]

Do You Have To Charge An AirTag?

image of an Apple AirTag and a USB-C charger with a title that reads do you have to charge an AirTag

Apple AirTags make it super easy to find and track stuff like your keys, wallets, luggage, backpacks, and more. If you are new to AirTags, or perhaps considering buying some, you might be curious about do you have to charge an AirTag? Fear not because I have everything you need to know about an AirTag’s […]

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