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Are Samsung Galaxy SmartTags A Good Gift?

image of a samsung galaxy smarttag and a red ribbon with a title that reads are samsung galaxy smarttags a good gift

Whether it’s a birthday, father’s day, black Friday, or even Christmas, a tech gift will always go down well with any gadget-lover in your life. Regardless of the occasion, a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is an affordable Bluetooth location-tracking gadget for Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners. SmartTags are the perfect gift for any Samsung Galaxy Smartphone owner. […]

Are Samsung Galaxy SmartTags Magnetic? (Solved)

image of a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag+ with a title that reads are Samsung Galaxy SmartTags magnetic

Samsung Galaxy SmartTags are fast becoming a popular solution for Galaxy owners to keep track of things they tend to lose or misplace. If you are considering buying a Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+, one of the questions you will likely want an answer to is, are SmartTags magnetic? If you are wondering the same, read […]

Where Do You Use SmartTags? (Galaxy SmartTag Ideas)

Image of a black Samsung Galaxy SmartTag with a title that reads where do you use SmartTags

Are you new to Samsung Galaxy SmartTags? Are you wondering, where do you use SmartTags? If you are then I have you covered with some top cool SmartTag ideas and uses below.  You can use a SmartTag to track items such as keys, wallets, purses, luggage, and much more right from your Samsung Galaxy smartphone […]

Can You Put A Samsung Galaxy SmartTag On Your Bike?

image of a bicycle leaning against a beach front wall with a title that reads can you put a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag on your bike

SmartTags are an easy-to-use, low-cost tracking solution from Samsung that can help you find your lost or stolen stuff. If you’re considering buying a SmartTag or SmartTag+, one question often asked is, can you put a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag on your bike? SmartTags are great for tracking stolen bikes. They are affordable, lightweight, and easy […]