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Are AirTags Magnetic? (Solved)

image of an Apple AirTag and a title that reads are AirTags magnetic

AirTags are fast becoming a popular solution for Apple users to keep track of things they tend to lose or misplace. If you are considering buying an Apple AirTag, one of the questions you will likely want an answer to is, are AirTags magnetic? If you are wondering the same, read on because this article […]

Are Chromebooks Good For Everyday Use? (Solved)

are Chromebooks good for every day use

Have you’ve ever wondered, are Chromebooks good for everyday use? If so, then look no further because this article is for you! Chromebooks come with top-notch specs and features that can outperform many laptop and desktop computers. With access to a vast array of apps available to install from the Google Play Store and the […]